Hello friends, I am making this blog for the help of LLB Students and for the general Public. I have made this blog for students because I think it will be very helpful to the students of LLB in their exams. I am putting all the important topics in this blog for the help of students. If students will go through this blog they will easily understand the syllabus and the pattern of articles are like the questions drafted in exams. For the new students it is not easy to understand the legal language given in the books, and I have tried my level best to make students understand the tough legal language. I have written articles in this blog in very simple language so that students and the general public may understand the Law of our Country.

For General Public I think it is very important to understand the Law of the Country. For General Public who are not associated with law subject or with legal proceedings, this blog is very helpful. I have written articles in two languages i.e, English and Hindi. I hope you all will appreciate my this effort.

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